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Principal's Message

A message from Mr. Fair

A message from Mr. Fair

My name is Garett Fair, and as your principal, I would like to take this opportunity to share our collective vision for this school year and beyond. What it means to be a Wheatlands’ Wolf, and share my immense joy for serving our amazing students, staff, parents, and community! 

Work hard, take chances, and be kind are the three basic principles I reiterate daily to our students and staff. I believe fiercely, that these three, non-negotiable, tenants are the driving force behind our tremendous school climate and culture because they put people before pedagogy and truly allow all of our stakeholders to feel a part of our Building and to have a voice that truly makes a difference! 

This year, we have adopted the mantra of “One Wheatlands.” This mantra is powerful in that it promotes the collective efficacy of our school and parent stakeholders to maintain an environment for students that is safe, warm, and supporting. An environment where staff members and parents feel, not just heard, but supported. An environment where everyone, from the top down is part of something bigger than all of us and where all of us can celebrate our ownership of The Wheatlands Elementary and our stake in building a better and brighter future for our students!

If this message is finding your eyes, then you, not unlike me, our 560 plus student population, and 70 plus staff members are in fact a Wolf! A Wolf is not just a cool logo to adorn our spiritwear and marquee. A wolf is loyal, a wolf is cunning, and beyond all of that, a wolf is devoted to working collectively with its pack to ensure that all within the den do not just survive, but thrive! 

As Wolves, we are all in this together. Collectively supporting all students, collaborating to ensure at the center of our community exists a school we are proud of, and one that we know far exceeds the status quo, both in terms of what we do for kids, but also for each other.

In close, my message to the community regarding our vision for the future is this… I want to ensure that 100% of students feel cared about and safe 100% of the time. I want to develop systems that work for all of us, and promote the best possible outcomes for kids. I want to bring fun back to school and ensure that we are purposeful in creating generations of students who are curious, not afraid to take chances, and understanding of the vitality of supporting one another… I cannot do this alone; as the old adage goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I would like to extend that logic by stating, “It takes a community to raise a school,” and I am so fortunate to have such amazing partners who will support this mission and ultimately see it to fruition!
Wheatlands wolf logo and picture of Mr. Fair